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Angelic Access is a stepping stone to a vortex of diverse subjects of interest...

By concept this site is dedicated to providing s central core in cyberspace to host like minded interests that will bring joy or help to all people. Primarily to aid people to find their way through difficult health issues in a very different manner but also to enrich the livestyle and lives of people who are conditioned to struggle. Angelic Access is a portal to share the accumulated wisdom of the ages, providing a deep understanding of how this dimensional quantum construct works and can be used to the advantage of everyone.

Spirit has provided direction of such truths to me and this has shown its truth in the successful care and healing of many people in my daily BioEnergy Therapy practice. It is a practice of Spiritual Healing and as such when I speak of Spirit, I speak of God-Source in a non-denominational sense as my work has been and will continue to be with and for all people, regardless of their particular way of belief in God.

Actually, with Angelic Access I am now working towards this being a portal to the many things I find interesting. In the future Angelic Access may actually be providing webhosting for like-minded people. So, watch this site for upcoming interactive possibilities on many interesting topics to lighten the heart.

Be Well,
Richard Leach

Angelic Access for:

BioEnergy Therapy! - (Healing with Purpose)

KarmicDNA! - (Understanding your Life Purpose)

BioSymBiology! - (life-symbolic-Life-Science)

BioLogicCleanse! - (Healthy Body Detoxification)

ReVitalLifeNow! - (Aging Well for AntiAging)

Solaris Light Publishing! - (Experiences of a New Age)

- Richart Images! - (Photgraphic Painting in Light)

eBookSMart! - (eBook Store)

Fraud F/X! - (Fraud Protection for Canadians)

Philip Leach - (11th Canadian Armoured Regiment 1939-1945)

Studio Liv - (Canadian Artist-Sculptor Liv Babra)

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